Friday, July 27, 2007

Mona Lisa and The Gizzard

Mona Lisa is my beloved dog. I have had her for 13 years through college, lawschool, marriage and the birth of H. She has been an incredible pet and an amazing companion. Mona Lisa has been very sick on and off throughout the years, but we have been incredibly blessed that she always seems to have a little life in her. She really is showing her age, but this is a common look in our house as she guards the cat food can. You may think the photos are the same, but they are not. She holds rock solid for hours with that can in her mouth!

This is Gizzie a.k.a. Gizmo a.k.a. The Gizzard. Nanni and Pa adopted the Gizzard about 4 weeks before we found out Nanni was sick. She is so cute, but she is an old girl who has had a hard life. She has many things wrong with her, but we are so happy that we found her when we did and that she has come to live with Nanni and Pa. We can't imagine her not being here!

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