Friday, July 27, 2007

The Twins!

H and his Nanni are like twins. They have the same haircut, the same phrases, the same expressions and sometimes they even dress alike. H loves his Nanni and his Nanni loves him. Its a great relationship except when H picks up "Nanni-phrases" like "What the heck" and "Oh, my gosh" which are not quite fitting for a 3 year old boy!

Nanni was the first person to babysit H and watched H exclusively when I went back to work. Nanni was the first person to give H peanut butter - at about 6 weeks not worrying about alergies. Nanni was the first person to give him a Reese's cup and Nanni was the first person to let H sleep on his stomach.
Nanni and H have had many firsts over the past few years and we are incredibly lucky that we live so close to Nanni. Unfortunately, Nanni received a horrible diagnosis a month ago and we are all having a hard time dealing with it - especially H who doesn't understand why Nanni can't play with him. They do still love to take long walks up the driveway when Nanni is feeling ok. H makes sure to give a running commentary the entire way!

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