Monday, July 23, 2007

Strange Things at Nanni's House

We spend almost every day at Nanni's house helping her with what she needs done and we have noticed some really interesting things in the past few weeks. The most unusual is how the butterflies and lizards (or Zardos as H calls them) are acting. I haven't caught the butterflies on camera yet, so I will have to follow up with that later. However, today I got some really great photos of H's Zardo friend listening in on my conversation with Nanni in the flower garden. Nanni and Pa have a great flower garden outside their front door and Nanni, Pa, H and I spend hours and hours sitting out there each day. Today, Zardo decided to join in!
The funny thing was that I really think he liked being photographed. He never moved and actually the first picture is the last one I took and he let me get right up on him. He stayed after that to add his two cents to our converstation.

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