Monday, May 26, 2008

A Beautiful Sunday!

This post was originally from May 4th, but I forgot to post it.

This past week had been really tough for me. With Mike on night shift, I find that I often can't fall asleep until 1 a.m.or so. Mix that with a horrible week at work, working every weekend for the past 4 weeks because I am so behind and of course, the 7 month mark of when my mom died coming up was very draining. Oh and I forgot, my friend Heather and I started on this crazy morning shake from Jackie Warner's Workout show on Bravo - its actually really good, but I miss my morning cereal. I've just been bummed out and living in my own little pity party at times. We all have.

So instead of moping around, we decided to spice things up a bit and go to Falcon Field. Boy, was it a perfect day. The weather was stunning and much to our surprise there were planes galore! Pa really had a super time looking at the oldies. Apparently the Snoopy looking airplane is an old WWII plane that he had never even seen in real life. We got to see this one land and the pilot gave us a wave as he drove by.

The boys were the hit of the airport with their Pearl Harbor Society Hats.

Harrison was even invited onto a private jet. Of course, I had to stick my head in after him as it will likely be the only time I get inside of one. Boy, it was swanky. A tad tiny, but super duper nice. It sure would be fun to cart our hineys around in that one day!

I really think the pictures say it all. Look at the smiles on everyone's face. Since I am late posting this because my pictures would not upload, I can tell you that we surprised Pa by blowing up and framing one of the pictures for Memorial Day. We used the first picture on the top, which wethought was kind of artsy. Pa was very touched.

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