Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is It In His Blood?

My hubs is a cop. I could also use a variety of other slang words to describe his job. Fortunately, he is not the type to get offended and thinks that its funny when I complain about his "pig" friends who are disturbing my traffic flow by sitting on the side of the road.

One of the many things that I admire about Mike is that he LOVES his job. I mean really loves it. I think he must be insane. We can be out somewhere are all he has to do is hear a siren and he gets all excited to see whats going on. One night at dinner I told him that I just don't understand. I don't see an attorney walk into the room and get all excited. His response? "That is because your job is boring and miserable." I sat for a moment...should I be offended, hurt, ticked off, or should I just agree? You guessed it, I agreed! As a caveat, I love the people that I work with and am very proud of the career that I have, but the fact that I sit on my can all day really drives me nuts.

Mike's twin brother Jeff is also a cop. They are so alike and so different in so many ways, yet they chose the same path. In my office hangs a picture of Jeff and Mike around Harrison's age posing in front of a City of Roswell Police car. Was it their destiny? Funny thing ... Jeff's entire career has been with the City of Roswell.

Mike's Dad, Harrison's PaPa who died over a year ago, was also a cop. He was a Major with Fulton County, which I understand is a fairly big wig position. I can tell you one thing, he perfected throwing around that hairy eye look that a cop gives.

So, is this any indication of what is to come?

I hope not. Why? Just because I would like to wrap my baby in bubble wrap, even when he is 40.

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Jen said...

Hmm. I'm going to say yes to your question.
I just love cops - since your hub and my hub share the same profession. :)
But I think we both know I enjoy my job much more than hubby does since I get to sit around all day and write for fun. But you know what I AM thinking of buying? The Little Tikes Patrol Police Car! But they're out of stock at the moment. Am I nuts or what? Hey I bet you guys already have one (for the little guy that is).
Jenny G.