Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Harrison's Preschool Graduation

Lately my days have been really busy. I have been working ridiculous hours and then sending the boys out of town on the weekend so I can work so more. I know that I have fallen short on being a great wife, mother and friend of the year this year. Typical with my schedule, I had forgotten (I know that is bad) that Harrison's graduation ceremony was the same afternoon I had scheduled myself to teach a class. Great, now what?

Fortunately one of my colleagues agreed to start the class for me and I would go to graduation and run a little late. Mike, Nanna - Mike's mom, and I all rushed to the school to get a good seat. We must have the best seat so we always come early. We usually create a spectacle of ourselves trying to determine which side he will be on. This year, my super smart hubs read the graduation certificates so we go the right side! Go hubs!

As we are waiting, I am looking at my watch, pulling out my Blackberry and doing all of the obnoxious things that coo coo work-a-holics do. Then, the doors opened and time stood still. For the next 30 minutes, my life was blissful and I had not another care in the world. What happened? All it took was to see my Little Mr. as the "caboose" of the line scanning the crowd for me. He couldn't find me at first, so I stood up and waived. Guess what he did....he winked. One wink and I melted. He then gave a shout out to his Nanna and took his position.
Keeping with tradition he threw in a little action into the routine. No crazy dancing this time, just constant winks and the pointed finger. He did it once he got on stage and realized that I got a kick out of it - along with 1/2 the room, and he continued to do it about 80 more times. So much in fact that he couldn't even sing the first song because he was winking, pointing, and throwing his head and hip around. Unfortunately I was so hysterical and moonie eyed that I couldn't catch it on camera. Then, my batteries went dead so I turned to hubs. He said don't worry, I have the other camera - took one picture, and his went dead. Yup, back to bad, unprepared and delinquent parenting.

I don't have a good representation of the entire event, but I can't express how proud I am of Harrison and what an amazing moment for me it was. Time simply stood still. After the graduation, we went to the lobby for cake, hugs and kisses. As I bent down to tell him how much I love him and how proud I was of him, he said "Mom, don't you have to go back to work?" Yup, moment over!

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Sue said...

Congrats!!!! It is such a milestone. They are leaving the first stage of childhood behine and entering a new stage. Very bittersweet for the mommy!!!
And to make you feel better about no camera.....I didn't bring mine to J's end of year celebration either!