Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet Savannah - An Unexpected Gift

As I attempt to organize the house, I have been coming across rolls of film that have not been developed. This one turned out to be an unexpected gift.

The photos are from a business trip that I took to Savannah last year before Nanni was diagnosed. Because Harrison and Nanni loved to travel, I brought them with me. My mom and I have always been constant travel companions and for the last several years we took each other on every trip that we went on. We made these seahorses in the sand to symbolize the two of us.

We had so much fun walking along the river, eating pralines and going for a yummy dinner at the Crab Shack. When I went to my meeting, Harrison and his Nanni ordered pizza to the hotel room and swam in the indoor pool which was in the lobby. Harrison thought that was pretty neat.

This was the start of our trip. Each time we head down 75 we stop at the Peach House for photos. This time there was a sketchy guy working the Peach House so I went up and told him of our tradition and then sent my mom and Harrison up. Usually I get pictures too, but my mom was known for taking a long time to take a picture and again, the guy was sketchy. So we ran up, took 2 photos and off we went to Savannah.

While we were in Savannah my mom wanted to stop by one of her favorite Catholic Churches. She said that she stopped by every time she was in Savannah. Harrison knew it was a very important place, so he was on best behavior. The best behavior lasted only as long as it took him to find the Holy water. Once it was discovered he blessed himself about 20 times.

These pictures are from the afternoon that we left. We drove out to Tybee Island to play on the beach. It was so windy that we had to hide behind a stack of beach chairs to block the wind. It was a perfect day!
I have more pics, but Blogger is not being friendly so I will add them later!

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Jenny & Robert said...

These are wonderful photos. What a nice surprise to find them. Thanks for sharing with us. :)
Jenny G.