Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Baby Sissy Shop-A-Thon

I went a little crazy today and had a Baby Sissy Shop-A-Thon.

I was supposed to go with hubbs to his work cook-out so we had Mike's mom come sit for Harrison. Well, it was hot today and I mean really hot. This is important because the party was outside in an airplane hanger with no air. To top it off, it was going to be a bunch of cops drinking and playing football - not really my cup of tea. Hubbs knew that I didn't want to go besides faking my best efforts. At the last minute he told me that I could go shopping and do whatever I wanted instead of going. I thought it was a test, but he said that he called and they said that it was so hot that the ice was now water. I like to think I am an outside person, but on an Atlanta summer day, I am definitely an inside girl. I figured I would just browse around a few shops. I ended going on a major shopping spree for Baby Sissy. Everything was on sale and was super duper cheap. I hit Dillards, TJ Maxx and Babies R Us. Each store had sales prices that knocked my socks off. Check out what is going in Baby Sissy's closet....

This adorable outfit was too cute to pass up. It's a 12 months, so its likely BS won't fit into it. If not the next person preggers with a girl or adopting a younger girl gets it.

This shirt was from Babies R Us too and I couldn't pass it up. It is super sassy!
This dress is from Dillard's. It was such a steal that I bought two! Ok, I wasn't going to tell the price, but its so good that I have put it in a frame of reference in case anyone wants to go shopping. It was less than 2 gallons of gas! Isn't that crazy?This outfit has 4 pieces (two tanks, one ruffle skort, and one pair of pants). The tanks are so cute and have ballerinas on them with little tu tus.

Every girl needs to have a Calvin Klein leisure suit!

This one is too too cute and is from Dillards also. It's a ladybug outfit with a ladybug headband. On the front it has "Are you a lady bug or a little girl bug?" The outfit has little purple wings that hang down and on the bum, is an adorable green ruffle.

Last, but definitely not least is the outfit that started the shop-a-thon. I spotted it from across Dillards and knew that Baby Sissy had to have it. Isn't it adorable?Oops - forgot one. I actually bought this one on Thursday. The picture really does not do it justice.

The pictures below are from my wonderful shopping outdoor mall. It is so pretty and look what the first thing I spotted was.....

Do you think this ladybug qualifies as a "sign?"

I also came across a baby bird that fell from the tree. He was so cute. I checked when I came out of Dillards and he was back in the nest.


Jenny & Robert said...

I love it! Please post more as you go shopping! I love looking at outfits. I've toned down my trips some (hubby always goes though!) and understand there's a lot of stuff to look forward to buying in China?! I bought that exact same ladybut outfit too. How funny. Off season Dillards is awesome and they have cute outfits! Too fun!

Heather said...

I too have the red and white lady bug outfit! It hangs waiting for my Lillian! I love the ladybug headband for the purple outfit! Too cute! With the shopping, comes a fresh wave of hope! Soon- let's hope for soon!

Sue said...

How thoughtful of your DH to let you enjoy some time to yoruself! And YES - the huge ladybug is a sign!!! :)

You go mama! Look at all those gorgeous outfits! Love the "Me" shirt! Very sassy! Now we all can't wait to see the pics of baby sissy wearing them!!!!

Bella's mama said...


And Girl the photo of the lady bug made me smile!!!!