Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Baby Sissy's Quilt and Some Possible Bad News

To quote the hubs...."We have the best neighbors!" We really do and we are so incredibly lucky. The Little Mr. and the Drama Mama see each other almost every night and we try to do something fun on the weekend too. It's so much fun to have friends across the street to go to the pool with, eat dinner with and just have fun outside with.

Tonight when I got home, I received a call from "Miss Kim" to see what we were doing. I was in the middle of an OCD moment, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning up for the cleaning lady to come and getting ready to steam clean the carpets so I couldn't get together yet, but I told them to call when they got back. Turns out I was steam cleaning the basement when they got back so I didn't hear them call, but I did hear the Drama Mama calling for Harrison down the driveway. We immediately gathered the troops to go meet them and guess what.....they had a wonderful surprise for Baby Sissy.

Miss Kim and Drama Mama had gone to the fabric shop today and bought tons of fabric for Baby Sissy's quilt. Miss Kim was also super duper crafty and made an adorable wish for Baby Sissy's scrapbook.

I love these fabrics because they symbolize a great new friendship for all of us and the tremendous support that we have already received from this family waiting for Baby Sissy. Plus, the fabric is SO SO SO cute! I love them all, but the two on the right are my favorite. I can't wait to one day see Baby Sissy wrapped in the quilt and remember all of the love and friendship that came together to make the quilt.

I am trying out the larger size pictures in this post, so hopefully it is not too obnoxious. I just realized I had size options and figured that Bigger is Better!!!

Wednesday night when Miss Kim and Drama Mama were here, I also checked our agency website that is updated every Wednesday night. Unfortunately the news tonight was a bit worrisome. Last month before referrals came out a warning was released that anyone who had immigration approval that would expire within 6 months may be skipped. I freaked and called everyone trying to figure it out. Fortunately, I was told that we would not be skipped although we did not have 6 months left on our approval and the warning was more geared towards those families that had paperwork which had already expired. So what is the bad news?

When I checked the site tonight it mentioned that starting this month expiration of immigration approval within 6 months will be taken into effect when reviewing files. In Georgia we cannot renew our paperwork until 90 days prior to expiration so there is nothing that we can do. I am going to call Thursday and try to get more specific details as to how it relates to our application, but from what I read there is a good chance we will be skipped this month and could be skipped until later this year when we can renew.

It's not fair, but so little in life really is. Maybe I am just feeling defeated or perhaps I have more faith that the wait will lead us to the child that we were meant to parent.


Bella's mama said...

I am so sorry for the six month deadline. It does seem so unfair, and to say again what I know you have heard, read and thought a millon times ~ when your child is placed in your arms, this time of 'unfair waiting' will all be worth it. It will be, I PROMISE!!!

The fabrics that your friends choose for you are adorable. Can't wait to see the finally product!!

Have a blessed week,


Jenny & Robert said...

Ah what thoughful neighbors they are indeed! Very nice fabric.
I've been worried about this 'predicament' for lack of a better word with your turn next on the MCC list and your I-797 expiration. So I wonder if what they are posting online and what they are actually telling families is the same/different. Please keep us posted.

Kristin said...

I hope you were able to get some more information today about this new policy. How frustrating. It seems unfair to be passed over especially since you can't begin the renewal process quite yet.

I love your Savannah pictures! What a real treausre you found. :-)

Don't know that we'll make the Mommy and Me classes but thanks for offering your vent! I hoe we'll be enjoying the cool air this time tomorrow. We'd better be!

Heather said...

Don't stress too much! We too are a GA family with CCAI WC and I think they are stressing this but not actually going to skip us because there is nothing we can do to stay "current" but wait until 90 days. When I called they said I was in fact "current" even though we expire before December. Our current would be acting when we can act. For example I am currently working on getting fingerprints redone. That is the only way I can stay "current." Hang in there- I hope you get the answers you need today!

ABM said...


Thanks for being my bloggy mentor:) It's gonna happen!