Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Little Mrs.


Happy Halloween!!!!!! We miss you so much. Your mum told me that you were sick. Yuck. I do not like to be sick.

I cannot believe you threw up in the Tumba store. I bet that was yucky, but it sounds kind of funny.

Today we had the Halloween party at Faith. We wished you were there. The Vicor drove a tractor and we all had hay rides. Harrison was Spiderman and so was Hunter. Hunter was the black bad Spiderman.

Hope you feel better,

Love Miss Ashley and Mr. Mike

Dear Emma,

Thank you Emma I had a great day at my school with all of my friends at the Halloween party. Thank you Emma that I had a great time at my school where all of my friends came to my party. (Yes, twice) Sponge Bob came (nope). When you were not there Sponge Bob came to my class. (we are having a problem with fibbing)

Why Emma did you frow (yes, frow) up on the floor of the store? That is all.

I Love You Emma,


After this post, Harrison came to me with bite marks on his finger telling me that Mimmie, the dog, bit him. It was Harrison's bite marks. I gave him 4 chances to tell me the truth - usually he does. I Guess that has changed. He is now in bed for lying. What is this all about? Has Emma started fibbing yet?


ABM said...

We had issues with the fibbing too, but now it has progressed more to tall tales. S is fond of chiming in about what happened during anyone's day to tell how he had the same thing, but a million-bedillion times MORE:)

Kristin said...

Yep, we have issues with this too. If I remember correctly, the big kids did the same thing at the same age. I just don't remember how to fix it!!