Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Sweet Girl at Philip Hayden

I cannot remember if I posted this photo or not, but I just love it. Piper's nanny is holding her and sweet "Fiona" is helping her with the water.
I have so many photos of Piper in this dress in both the summer and winter. Oh, what I would give for this dress. Just a little piece of her life from before we were a family. I would happily donate a dozen dresses to replace it!
Piper tried to call this morning from Eagles Wings and I missed the call. It has been a week since we have Skyped and I really miss her. Strange missing someone you never met, but I just miss seeing her and talking to Jenny. Hopefully I can catch them tonight.
Hubs just called and Harrison is sick. He has been battling a cold for a while and has been sleeping a lot. Apparently he is in bed already with a fever. This is the night I am supposed to work late and I just want to crawl in and spoon with my minnie man. I hope he can go to his school party tomorrow.


Kristin said...

I hope you are able to link up with Piper very soon. What a wonderful gift you have with Skype!!

Poor Harrison. He does not want to be sick on Halloween. Unfortunately, something is going around. I've had several kids out lately. I hope he bounces back quickly!

littlemrs said...

I'm sorry you are sick Harrison. Mum organized a trick or treat in mainstreet tumbarumba for my playgroup. I threw up this morning but promised mum I was feeling okay. I left the clothing store the best trick of all - I vomitted all over their entryway foyer. Then I was sad because I had to go home. I hope you can make it to your party. Thanks for being my ill trick or treat buddy.

Lisa Thomsen said...

That is a lovely picture - leaves you with a smile on your face knowing she was with so many people who loved her. I'm sure if you make a request for that dress they would give it too you. Those kinds of things really are priceless aren't they. Happy Halloween!

Heather Thompson said...

Piper is just adorable, good luck with Skyping- that is such a wonderful treat you have!
Also, have I told you how much I LOVE her name?!

Hang in there!!! Heather