Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, the boys have already left this morning for their immunizations. Actually only Daddy's immunizations, but since I am off to work in a bit the Minnie Mr. went too.
As for me, I am still undecided. Personally, I am not a fan of medicines of any kind so I am hesitant to have immunizations for things that I really do not think are a big deal. I could be totally wrong! I am getting the flu shot tomorrow at work and I need to get a Tetnus shot before I go. What does everyone think about the Hep shots? Those are the only ones I think I would get.
Hubs is reading all about Typhoid and Malaria, but I think that is silly. I know, I am probably cursing myself right now. You know what I want a shot for....the horrible intestinal parasite everyone has been coming home with. I think its called guardia or something. I don't think there is a vaccine for it, but maybe I can have Pa invent one with all of his medical skills.

Gotta run and take a shower to start my day. According to my Blackberry, I already have clients looking for me. Uggggh can't a girl sleep?


ABM said...

Get the Hep shots. We asked our doctor what he recommended and Hep and tetanus were it. We didn't take any malaria stuff or anything.

Shanna said...

Hi Ashley~ we met for only a momment at a park in PTC at a FCC gathering. Little G was pukey and y'all left just after you got there. I have found your blog again and have made it a "favorite" on my list so I can keep up with you :D
I am so excited for you! I hope you get a surprise LOA soon. Our LOA came alone, so I know it can happen. Fingers crossed!
We took all of our kiddos with us to China (all 5 of them). We did not immunize for anything. Perhaps that wasn't wise, but be were all just fine.
I too am a TERRIBLE air traveler. Every bump and bell makes me jump out of my skin. BUT, if I can fly to China and back twice......ANYONE can!!! I will give you the heads up on something, the pilots smoke in the cock pit in China. SO, when you smell and see smoke, don't worry yourself. AND, the pilots are very aggressive on landings and take-offs.There again don't be alarmed, they are very skilled pilots. We took the 10 a.m. flight (Delta) Atlanta non-stop to Shanghai. I highly recommend it. We arrived in SH at 3 p.m. and spent the night.
Gee, this is TMI for a "comment". Email me if you would like some more info!!!

Jenny & Robert said...

I'm with you there. I use the CDC site a lot for reference ( and WHO's web site. Hubby already had his hep shots. That's one I'll definitely get. Tetanus, me too I think. Haven't had that shot in awhile.
Have fun!