Sunday, February 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After about 11 hours of turbulence on a 13 hour flight with all of our tvs broken (except Mike's) we made it home safely. We are so incredibly fortunate to have a great group of wonderful friends waiting for us at the airport. They waited so long and we were so happy to see them. When we first came up the elevator, the first person I saw was my mom's best friend, Sherrie. It was such a wonderful surprise that Heather helped organize. Thank you so much to our greeters: Sherrie & Eric; Heather; Maggie, Michael & Vincent,; Kim & Nicole; Kim, Dave, Cole & Ava; Tiffany, Will & Gracie; Christy & sweet Sophie; and Chan, Lana, and Chan's lovely mother-in-law who I only got to meet for a moment. It means the world to us that you were all there with smiles, hugs, signs, balloons & goodies. We felt so spoiled and even more spoiled when we got home.
We arrived home to a fully decorated home with signs, balloons, cake, flowers, goodies and family. We were thrilled to see Pa (Jack), Mike's mom, his twin brother Jeff, wife Monica and kids Hayden and Tanner, & Uncie. Our fridge was stocked and balloons were everywhere. You all are the best. Heather, I had no idea you were coming to the house, but Jack said you made a special trip over to get things ready. We each love our Valentines and balloons you left. We even had a lovely card and flowers from Lydia our wonderful pet sitter who we had just met before we left. Thank you so much!!!!
Mike's other family was at the house earlier, but since we were so delayed they had to start home. Piper and Harrison are fully spoiled with the items they left for them. Thanks so much!
Piper's face was sheer delight when she saw her room. How much I wish I had that on video! She slept with us, but did nap in her bed today.
We all slept great last night. Somehow Mike fell asleep on the living room floor. It really looked like he was walking to the kitchen and just fell right there. He is not sure what happened so it may be just that. We woke up this morning, went to breakfast, let the kids play and slept since then. Mike stayed up all day, but is now asleep in the chair in the living room. Harrison is asleep on the couch, and Piper is obsessed with pushing the keys as I type.
I have so much more thanks to give, but I must hit the bed again. I am sure that Harrison will be awake the moment I go to sleep.


larken said...

I'm so happy you're home, I can't wait to talk to you! Package for Piper is on the way, too!

HT said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed everything. Tiffany helped with the cupcakes...if there were any left, and the sign that said Welcome (picture of house) Lanier Family w/ glitter glue. The glue was still wet which is why we didn't bring it to the airport. I'm glad Piper loves her room, as any little girl would how you decorated it. Tiff loved the headboard! She helped me put the balloons in their rooms. I hope you have been able to get some rest and don't fight the sleep because you'll soon be on USA time. Just rest so you can care for the kids and call me! I've called you a couple of times today, want to hear about the visit at home w/ Mike's family.

littlemrs said...


Sue said...

Welcome Home!!!!!
Sounds like a wonderful group of friends and family you have! Enjoy settling in to life as a family of four! Can't wait for more pics!

Shanna said...

So glad that you landed safely on US soil. Sounds like you have an awesome bunch of friends and family!! What a blessing!
Sleep as much as you can and don't be surprised if you still feel jet-lagged two weeks from now :o(
It is brutal, but you will recover.
Can't wait to meet the newest member of you family.
Hugs to you~
If you would like to email or call me, here is my address.

The Hindsman's said...

Welcome Home! I know you are happy to be home with your two babies. Remember to rest rest rest, if you can. Hope to see you again soon!

Chan said...

Glad you're home! Get some rest and we are looking forward to seeing you and the babies soon! My MIL enjoyed it so much!

Torrie said...

Welcome home!! Take it easy the next several days. And try to laugh when you have to ask yourself, "Is it day or night?"