Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Piper's Chitter Chatter

In China, I would never have imagined that the quite sweet girl in the halls would be a wild woman and a chatterbox. She literally calls "Mommy" or "Momma" 2000 times a day. Yesterday it actually was driving me nuts, so I got her to start saying Daddy. She called her Daddy on the phone 3 times yesterday so she could chitter chatter to him a bit. Her English vocabulary is also exploding. So far, these are the words that I have heard her say:

Mona (our dog)
Mims or Mimmie (our dog)
Bassie (our dog)
All Done
Uhhh Ohhh
Thank you

She also loves to repeat almost everything we say, but I do not think she knows the meaning yet of what she is repeating. She is so funny and so wild. She definately will keep me on my toes. I love getting her up in the morning, because she is always smiley and just beaming like she cannot believe that she has her own princess room. She loves looking around and smiling at her room, which is vastly different to when she has to go to bed and is crying.
As for eating, she has already displayed some dislikes although I am keeping at it. She does not seem to like hot dogs, cottage cheese or string cheese. I also do not think she if fond of ketchup, but she did continue to eat it yesterday when I gave it to her. She seems to love scrambled eggs, mandarin oranges, big oranges, hamburger, chicken noodle soup, cooked carrots and milk. Boy that girl can drink some milk!
Sorry there are still no pictures. Mike is off today so hopefully I can have him look for the other camera that he has. He adopted my old one when we got the Nikon, but I have no idea what he did with it. Poor guy came back to a murder in a neighboring subdivision so he has been getting home really late. It is a very sad situation and I cannot even imagine what that family is experiencing. There has not been an arrest yet, but I am personally hoping that it is a related incident. That way there is not a random murdering lurkering around our little town, but I know how hard that would also be for the family. It is just so sad.


littlemrs said...

I like Piper already - I'm not particularly fond of american hot dogs or string cheese either :) And ketchup - only if it is from New Zealand ;) I am so glad to hear that she is showing so much promise with her adjustment to your place and the english language - that truly is a blessing for you all. Great to hear that she wants to call Daddy too - that has to be a positive sign?? Hurry up Mike and pass over your camera!!!!
Also sad to hear about the murder. Not nice at all. How Mike ever decided to be in law enforcement I have NO idea - I'm glad he did - because it is not a job I could ever handle.

Chan said...

That is so amazing that she can say all that already! It sounds like she is adjusting really well. I can't wait to see pictures

Kristin said...

Sounds like Piper is settling in rather nicely. Isn't it amazing how much they begin to understand and can repeat after only a short time??

Bedtime has always been a battle for us with Anna Grace. Abby, not so much. I hope once Piper is used to the new surroundings, she'll move past that too.

Did you notice in the paper that the obituary for the lady who was murdered didn't even mention her new husband....the person in question? I found that odd. Makes me think her kids think he did it. Scary stuff. I don't know how Mike does it every day.

Shanna said...

Welp, sounds like life is happening! Perfect! Get used to the "Momma" calling. A wonderful thing to get used to...huh? :o) I am now growing deaf ears to it with 6 kids. hee, hee.
I love a smiley kid in the morning! That is truly a blessing!

Heather said...

If life is anything like ours, you are experiencing a great kind of CRAZY right now! So glad Piper's home! Can't wait for home pictures! I am glad Harrison is enjoying little Sissy so much!

Sue said...

Yippee! Sounds like she is doing just wonderfully!!
Can't wait for the photos though!!!