Monday, February 16, 2009

Jet Lag Blues

We cannot function. "We" meaning everyone but Mike, who apparently is immune from jet lag since he has to rotate his work to night shift every two months. Harrison, Piper and I start thinking of napping at 9 a.m. Today we made it to 1 p.m. and then went for a short nap. I told myself that we would sleep 2 hours and then wake up. Mike woke us up at 7 when he got home.
I cannot get anything unpacked. I did two suitcases the first night and now my dining room is covered with junk. We just cannot function. There are also so many people that I need to thank for the wonderful gifts and wishes, but I just cannot do that either. In fact, I have not even ventured out of the house since our first outing to IHOP. Poor Mike, I just sent him back out to the grocery store for more milk because I cannot stand the thought of getting dressed.
The one upside is that my Minnie Mr. has been super duper snuggly with me....oh, and it looks like I did buy the camera insurance ----Yippee! Let's hope it covers the fatal fall on the Wall.


littlemrs said...

Give yourself a week - you will get back to normal! Mat and I have both found that exercise in the sunlight and NOT napping longer than 45 minutes makes a difference. But saying that - staying at home for a while and not venturing out would be a great way for Piper to put down some new roots I'm sure! And the more you travel the better you get at handling the jet lag - it's always worse the first time than every other trip I promise! Don't worry about the mess - just enjoy time at home with your new angel! I sure wish emma would get snuggly when she's tired - she just gets grumpy!

Kristin said...

Ashley, give it some time. It took me a full week BOTH times to feel human again. When I am overtired, I am nauseous. So add that to being tired and I was a basket case. It will get better, I promise. Stay outside or in the sun as much as you can. That really does seem to help. Kind of like a really bad hangover. :-)

Joy said...

oh Ashley, I feel your pain! Hang in there. It only took me a week to get back to central time. For several days, if I sat down on the couch, I would fall asleep. I bet Sarah thought her new mom was crazy and gonna sleep all the time.

Even though it is painful, try to go outside during the day, in the sunlight. It really does help.

I still haven't finished unpacking one suitcase. It's the one with all of the little things. I don't even want to open it.


Shanna said...

DON'T rush it!!! You will recover!! I promise. You may have to keep yourselves outside in the day light for as many hours as you can stand. It really does help your body to adjust. When we came home, I would think that I was "over" it, and then CRASH later. I'm telling ya, (both times) it took me THREE weeks to feel normal again.
Let me know if we can help in any way :)

HT said...

A smart person told me one time to just "wash your face" and get on with it. Every now and then I use that wisdom... Maybe it will help you. Jet lag is difficult, and bringing home a new child is too & putting both situations together makes for a ruffled bow. But I know you and you can handle this, just don't push yourself to be superwoman, the cape and tights will be there next week. Take it easy this week, and of course, call me! :)

Heather Thompson said...

IT took me a week to just START to feel slightly normal and I'm still trying to get the last suitcase put away! We've been home 5 weeks I think and I don't feel bad about it any more. It's just a lot to do and loving on your family is the first priority! Take it slow:)
Heather (FL)

blessedmom said...

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time, but I am glad to hear that it is not just me. When I read your blog about going to IHop and visiting neighbors, I thought there was something wrong with me…. I almost cried today when, I realized that Eric had gone to work at 5:00 a.m. and I had to get three kids breakfast and lunches and to three different schools on time. Rivers did great in the car-seat, and with the girls getting out and leaving her one by one. Lily is the last one to get dropped off, and I was worried that Rivers would cry when she was left alone in the Van with me, but so far so good.


Eric said...

I'm like Mike. No problems with jet lag. A lot of that is because I cannot sleep on airplanes, even when on them for 20+ hours. Makes you really, really tired when you get there or home:) Hopefully, you will be yourself in no time:)

The Hindsman's said...

I think it's normal to be in a fog. Hang in there! We want to see more pictures when you can post them.

The Hindsman's said...

I think it's normal to be in a fog. Hang in there! We want to see more pictures when you can post them.