Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why Little Boys Shouldn't Potty Outside!

My husband and son came home so excited yesterday. They had spent the whole day together visiting family and going to Pappa's cemetery for a visit. After seeing a Nana, an Uncle, an Aunt and several cousins the first thing out of my son's mouth was that Daddy let him go "tee-tee" outside on a bush and on a tree. I looked at my husband who was beaming and so proud.

This was my son's first big all day outing with Daddy without a diaper. I told my husband and son before they left to make sure that they go tee-tee at every stop. Well, turns out they took me literally including at Papa's cemetery. Good thing Papa would have thought it was a hoot!

My husband went to run an errand and I got my son ready for bed. As I was changing him, I noticed something funny. The instant he saw my face, he knew something was wrong and started asking what I saw. Can you guess????

Yup, a tick on his "privates" (as he calls them). I totally freaked. I had read online that someone said dish soap will cause them to pull their head out so off I ran to the kitchen with my son holding himself and screaming. All I had was green apple sented soap so I poured it on...Nothing happened.

I ran for the tweezers and pulled with all my might. That litter bugger finally came out with a good hunk of my son's skin in its mouth. Needless to say, my husband was so horrified and my son had a VERY bubbly bath from the dish soap!

Another victory for Mom!

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The Hindsman's said...

Very funny story. I am just stopping in to read up on your journey. I am on the Coweta Group with you.

Christy Hindsman
aka Sophie's mommy