Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not So Fun Fact # 5

From a scientific research perspective, pancreatic cancer is where breast cancer was in the 1930s. Advancing pancreatic cancer research into the 21st century is dependent upon the increase of basic scientific research.
Excuse my language...or my typing, but this is #$%*! The medical community needs to get their act together. I thought doctors liked to be challenged. So what if no one has found anything yet that works longterm. Please don't just give up and sit on the sidelines. Face it as a personal challenge and do not give up! Demand funding, demand research, get it done!
I know that I can be negative, but I also know this will change. It is within human power to figure this out...I just know it. I am not being greedy. I am willing to settle for baby steps. I will wait a few years before I demand a cure :) Just come up with some stellar treatment options first.

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