Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You Heather!

Remember my wonderful friend who told me she hated my purse, but in turn found my passport? Well, this is her and she is fabulous!

Heather and I met our first year in college at College of Charleston and have been great friends ever since. She is an unbelievable friend and she even agreed to come work for me. She is brave! Wanna know what makes her even more amazing?

She just donated $100 directly to Eagles Wings for the Christmas celebration!!! Whooo hoooo. I am so excited as this puts us almost to 48% with another direct donation from one of my friends. (The Chip-in total will not show this since they were direct contributions, but they are for the Christmas fund and I am so incredibly humbled.)

Oh, and the picture was taken at the Breast Cancer 3-day that Heather and I did together. Notice how it is not centered on the page? Yup, I cut myself out. I think it is a great photo of Heather, but I look like I should be committed. For those of you that have not done the 3-Day, it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Showering in a semi-truck, walking 26 miles a day, pitching my own tent, waiting in an hour line to brush my teeth...rough!

Ok, she wanted me to be in the picture so here it is.....

Not sure what happened to my right hand, but obviously it fell off somewhere on the walk.

P.S. Read Lisa's comment. It is really funny and she is now the third person to comment on me not posting photos. I guess I need someone to take some pictures of me to add. Lisa is The Little Mrs.'s mommy and was also our first generous donator to the Eagles Wing fund. Perhaps I can have a photo shoot at work tomorrow....Heather, feel up to it?


lisa said...

Okay - can't believe you chopped yourself out of that picture!! a) You never look bad b) no one looks fabulous doing a 3 day walk - and in fact I think it means more seeing someone after sweating it out for such a great cause than dressed up all fancy. You really need to post more pictures of yourself. People are going to think you are some ogre the way you talk about yourself - when in fact you are one of the most beautiful people we know!!!!!!! I'd give anything for your blonde hair!!!!!!

Jenny & Robert said...

Ashley thinks she is being sneaky...but I have seen your photo on your firm's web site.
Hehehehe. I think she's very purty!
Love ya!
Jenny G.

Heather Thompson said...

That is too funny! It's something I would do to my photo as well!!! Seriously though, big kudos to you for even doing a 3 day walk! I don't know that I would even register as I'd be afraid of not finishing;)