Friday, December 17, 2010

Beijing and VPN

We are in Beijing today.  Actually we arrived last night and are staying at the Phillip Hayden Foundation Inn at Shepherds Field. The VPN we signed up for is Go Trusted, but it doesn't do a thing when I click on it in my programs.  Any recommendations?
PS   Someone leave me a comment so I know if this posted through my email.


Charlene said...

Hi, don't know if you've gotten a comment yet, but YES it did post!

Can't wait to follow your journey. Love seeing children come into their families. Just never gets old!

Prayers for a wonderful trip and a smooth transition.

Mary and John said...

it posted through your email - folks are just looking for pix of the lcv kids! Enjoy your bonding time!

Mandie said...

It posted.

I have no idea how to use that one. We used Freedur and you had to click off and on on the icon that popped up after I clicked it on my tool bar.