Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Morning Hong Kong

Personally, I cannot stop looking at the view. Last time we were here, we stayed on Lantau Island which was stunning. This is our first time staying in the city. If we came back, I think I would pick a view of the mountains and Sea, like we had at Lantau, but TST is stunning in its own way.

The kids got up very early this morning chanting that the sun was up. They are WILD this morning, but it is probably from the tons of sleep they have gotten since we left. They slept on the plane, through the first night here, about a 5 hour nap yesterday and 6 hours last night.

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angelinat said...

Hi there, this is Angela from Atkinson Elementary in Newnan, Ga. Mike was our Safe Officer this year and we enjoyed getting to know him and are very excited for you all. I am a little confused by your posting, is the baby having to have surgery? What kind? We will definetly keep you all in our prayers. I love the pictures but remind Mike to take some of you as well through this journey. I wish yall safe travels and Merry Christmas! Keep in touch, I will try to get you on Facebook, I just don't get on there often. Angela Taylor