Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hong Kong Airport and Cathay Pacific

We arrived safely at Hong Kong not withstanding some crying hysterics from me on the plane. We had a bunch of turbulence and that, mixed with the emotions of leaving Jack, were just too much. So, while I would rate Cathay Pacific LOWER than Korean Air for overall rating, for psychological services they are #1. We were excited to see what Cathay Pacific was like because they are ranked in the top 5 airlines in the world for services, etc. The conclusion is that they are nicer than our US carriers, in our opinion, fall short of the spectacular service on Korean Air.

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Kristin said...

I am so sorry you had a hard flight. I HATE to fly and about freaked out two-thirds of the way there. Your stress was worse due to Jack.

We took the same Cathay flight out of JFK. Dave held the same opinion as you....Korean is better. But for me, the non world traveler, Cathay was great! I've never flown Korean though. Only Cathay and Continental to China.....