Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Amazing Morning

No prayer update for me...I got home well after my Minnie Mr. was asleep. Fortunately, I just received the cutest smile from my little man in Shrek underpants and my angel just crawled on my lap for some love. I told him I could stay like that forever...he rolled his eyes. I am so lucky! The picture below is of my Minnie Mr. hanging out with Baby Sissy's lovie before we send it to her. He is carrying it everywhere so that it smells like him.

Look what I received this morning. I cannot get over how adorable she is. I know that there may come a day where there are no more pictures until we go to get her, but I simply cannot wait to post. I better get my act together...with two gorgeous kids, people are going to wonder what happened to me :)


Heather said...

Wow, she is so stunning and I just love the pig tails. Lillian's hair has yet to get that long. The prayers Harrison has been saying are indeed priceless. And the blankie he is snuggling- we snuggled with a ladybug one too for many months. She now has it!!! I just cried learning she is holding photos of us and something we cuddled. I hope soon your little Piper can enjoy cuddling with her blankie too.

Margaret Miracle said...

I love the pics of your son loving on her Lovie! Precious pictures of Baby Sissy!

Kristin said...

Oh how sweet!! Love the new pictures. Maybe she'll be a girly girl! How fun!

We slept with a blanket before sending it to Abby. I so hope Piper learns about her brother before you arrive. How wonderful would that be??

Sue said...

Wow!!! How awesome to wake up and find more pics of your gorgeous girl!!! Just amazing! How sweet that Harrison is loving that blanket for his sister?!!! That would be a great story for the next edition of the Red Thread book by LWB!!!

And.....LOVE the name Piper! Such a cute name for your cute girl!!!

Torrie said...

She is so pretty. You're lucky to receive so many pictures of her! We got nothing so gotcha day was a big surprise! Your boy is so handsome and cute too. BRING ON THE TA!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying "hello." Your son is adorable and your daughter is beautiful!! What an exciting time for you. I must check back in with you. Gotcha Day moments are my favorite.