Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meet Miss Piper

My Bloggie Friend, Sue, was quick to pick up on the name. Yes, we think we have chosen the name for Baby Sissy ----Piper. We are not 100% positive, but Mike and I are calling her Piper. Harrison is calling her Baby Sissy and, when forced, Avery. Avery was also a name we loved, but when we saw her face she seems more like a Piper to us. We are still working on a middle name.
It is very hard picking a name for a child. With Harrison, we did not tell anyone the name until he was born - even our moms! We were going to try to do that again, but I found that I needed to try out the name. Plus, since I am on this uber-girlie roll I think I may need to start monogramming :)
So...introducing Piper. This is her 2nd Birthday Party at Philip Hayden House. I cannot wait till she is older and we can save our pennies to travel there together and help the little ones.


Ash said...

Congratulations Ashley, on your wonderful daughter waiting for you. I popped over to check in on you and I am soooo delighted for you. Piper is beautiful. I am so elated for you and your family. My fingers are crossed for an eary delivery and short labor pains. :o) Blessings to you all, and I will be checking in on you even more OFTEN!! Smiling BIG!
Ash (

Crazy Mama said...

So fitting that Piper has a crown on her head. She is a beautiful princess! She does indeed look like a Piper. Great name choice!

Kristin said...

yeah! she has a name!!! can't wait to meet Piper. :-) Guess we really need to get together soon so we can meet first, huh???

Margaret Miracle said...

What a beautiful picture. I love the name Piper. Picking the name was one of the hardest challenges for us. I love the name Piper. This is such an exciting time and time just crawls. Thinking of you and hoping things move soooo quickly for you to bring Piper home.