Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tonight's Prayer

Tonight's prayer was not appropriate. Lets just say it started out like this:

Dear God,

Thank you for my armpits......It went South and I mean very South from there.

I explained to Harrison that while we were thankful for our "privates" that it really is not appropriate to be going into such detail with God since he knows exactly what Harrison has. Harrison wasn't so sure and decided to give God every name (PG style) in the book for those places. Finally, I got him back on track and he started over with a regular prayer.
Then, we got an email that Baby Sissy had a little fever. Talk about pulling at my heartstrings. Harrison was extremely concerned and flew to the computer to see if she was on it. I asked Harrison to say another prayer for Piper and he said, "Nope, God is tired of hearing from me."

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Kristin said...

Okay, this cracked me up! Sounds like something my girls would talk about. Right now their big thing to talk about is boobies. Yes. That is our dinner conversation!