Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Walk In the Mountains With Drama Mama

Last week, Harrison invited Drama Mama to the Mountains. We had a nice time and the kids had fun - that is, when they are not constantly bickering at each other. The first pictures shows the typical dramatic relationship that these two have. I cannot remember what the problem was - either they didn't want their picture together or they didn't want to sit together. Mama Drama Mama and I know one thing....if these two ever get married there will be TROUBLE!

The pictures above show that Harrison cannot take his eye of of Drama Mama. Harrison was also thrilled that he was standing right at the edge. This picture below makes them look so sweet and they really are - they just have some "domestic troubles" -- ha ha

Hubs has great ideas and this is one of them. He brought one of Harrison's little tables to the mountain house and it turned into the private dining table for The Minnie Mr. and the Drama Mama. The kids loved it and really enjoyed sitting alone and dining. The last day we even moved the table up into the balcony and the kids dined on the "balcony."

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Sue said...

Soooo funny!!! Definitely cute to hear about their little spats!!!
Looks like they made up in time to enjoy dinner together!