Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Sissy As A Baby

I am a lucky, lucky, momma....look what Emily found for me. I think this one may beat the other picture as the youngest "real life" picture I have of Piper. She looks so happy and I think I see a little piece of candy in her mouth.
We are turning up the steam on our Mandarin classes. Yesterday we covered so much material, but it is great usable material. I am so excited to go to China and try to talk to my little girl. Hopefully she understands me. Yesterday in class, I asked if someone wanted to drink a horse.
Piper, little do you know that some silly people that live in Georgia are incredibly in love with a set of pictures and stories about you and your life so far. I can only imagine how we will feel once we get to know you. Just like when Harrison was in my tummy, we already know that you are part of our heart without you physically being in our arms. We love you!

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Sue said...

What an adorable photo!!!! Such a beautiful smiley girl who looks full of life!! Yup, you are one lucky mama!!!

So at PH she had one name, and at this new facility she is known by Piper?? Are you thinking of keeping Piper? Very cute name!!

Good luck w/ the Mandarin! It'll be fun to hear your stories from China - and hopefully not too many mis-translations!